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List of the most popular man’s fragrances in the world in 2014.

(based on a complex metrics system using information like worldwide perfume sales, internet search and internet talk)


1. 1 Million, Paco Rabanne  (—)


A Sweet Spicy Leather fragrance for men from the French fashion designer Paco Rabanne. Very popular in Europe. Very common among clubbers and young guys.

2. Le Male, Jean Paul Gaultier  (↑2)


A perfume from the French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. An Oriental Fougere Spicy scent.  Very sensual and ideal for clubbing and hot dates. Le Male was created in 1995 by Francis Kurkdjian and is still a best seller.

3. Bleu de Chanel, Chanel  (↓1)


A fragrance for men from the French fashion house Chanel. A Woody Aromatic Citrus scent. Bleu de Chanel was created by the famous Jacques Polge in 2010. A classy fragrance for businessmen.

4. La Nuit de l`Homme, Yves Saint Laurent  (↓1)


A perfume from the French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. It is a Spicy Aromatic fragrance. A fragrance for night and colder days.

5. Terre d’Hermes, Hermes  (—)


A fragrance from the French luxury goods house Hermes. A Citrus Woody Spicy scent. Created by Jean-Claude Ellena. It is ideal for day business settings.

6. Acqua di Gio for men, Giorgio Armani  (—)


A fragrance from the Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani. A Citrus Marine Aromatic scent. Created in 1996 by Alberto Morillas. Ideal for hot summer and spring days.

7. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme, Issey Miyake  (↑2)

L'Eau Homme

A fragrance from the Japanese fashion house Issey Miyake. A Citrus Woody Aquatic scent. Created by Jacques Cavallier in 1994. Just like Acqua di Gio, L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme is one of the first aquatic fragrances.

8. The One for men, Dolce&Gabbana  (↑3)


A fragrance from the Italian fashion designers Dolce&Gabbana. An Oriental Spicy Sweet scent.

9. Allure Homme Sport, Chanel  (↓1)


A fragrance from the French fashion house Chanel. A Citrus Aldehydic Marine scent. It is a wonderful summer fragrance.

10. A*Men, Thierry Mugler  (↑2)


A perfume for men from the French fashion designer Thierry Mugler. A Sweet Gourmand Oriental scent. One of the first male gourmand perfumes.  Perfect for cold winter days.

11 . Fahrenheit, Dior  (↓4)


12. Encre Noire, Lalique  (↑3)


13. Boss Bottled, Hugo Boss  (new)

Boss Bottled

 14. Aventus, Creed  (new)


15. L’Homme,Yves Saint Laurent  (↓2)


16. London for men, Burberry  (↓2)


17. Armani Code for men, Giorgio Armani  (↓7)


18. Allure Homme Edition Blanche, Chanel  (↓1)


19. Versace Pour Homme, Versace  (new)


20. Versace Man Eau Fraiche, Versace  (↓1)



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