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Armani Code for men, Giorgio Armani



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Bottom Line

Code for men is a fragrance from Giorgio Armani. Code is an Oriental Leather Floral fragrance. It is based on: Leather, Olive blossom, Lemon and Tobacco.
It is a very elegant, classy scent. It is perfect for dinner dates, restaurants, formal events, lounge bars and clubs.


Full Review

Armani Code for men is a fragrance from the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani. Code for men is an Oriental Leather Floral fragrance. Top notes are: Bergamot and Lemon. Heart notes are: Star anise, Olive blossom and Guaiac wood. Base notes are: Leather, Tobacco and Tonka bean.

Armani Code was created by Antoine LieAntoine Maisondieu and Clement Gavarry in 2004.

chic restaurant


Armani Code by Giorgio Armani is an elegant, sexy, sophisticated, modern fragrance. It is very elegant, subtly sweet and very sexy and seductive. Armani Code is a very classy, elegant, chic and perfumy scent. It is seductive, but in a subtle and elegant way. Person wearing Armani Code will feel very elegant, sophisticated and confident. The fragrance is rather formal. It is perfect for a tuxedo. Even if you’re not wearing a tuxedo, you will feel like you are. Armani Code is irresistible; girl will want to smell you a lot.

Jardin du Luxembourg castle

Armani Code is a perfect scent for when you are lounging on a sofa in a chic club, drinking fancy drinks and flirting with girls. The scent is dark, masculine and modern. It smells rich, mature, sensual and sexy. The fragrance is romantic and elegant in the same time. Perfect to wear with a suit. This is the kind of scent that rich wealthy moneybag executives, dressed in Armani suits, driving sports cars, with a golden watch on their wrists wear. It is very refined, elegant, creamy and confident. It smells almost like baby powder.


Olfactory pyramid

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani is an Oriental Citrus Leather Floral Aromatic Tobacco scent.

The top is very Citrusy. Top notes are: Lemon and Bergamot.

The heart is: Floral, Soft Spicy and slightly smoky, tar like, tarmac like, sweet, powdery and bitter. Hearth notes are: Olive Blossom, Star Anise and Guaiac Wood.

The base is: Leather, Tobacco, Creamy, Aromatic and slightly tar like, smoky and sweet. Base notes are: Leather, Tobacco and Tonka Bean.




Armani Code by Giorgio Armani is an elegant, formal, ceremonial, chic, luxurious, charming, masculine and a “perfumy” fragrance.

Longevity & Sillage

It is moderate do long lasting. It should last 4 to 12 hours. It has a moderate sillage. It should radiate within an arm’s length.

restaurant dinner


Guys who wear Armani Code get a lot of compliments. Girls love Armani Code and will compliment the wearer. It is relatively unique. There are not a lot of fragrances that are similar to it on the market. In addition, it is relatively safe, meaning that most people love it and almost nobody hates it. You can buy it as a present. It projects moderately so it should not be cloying. It is very sexy, to the point that it is almost slutty.


Code is a very popular fragrance, so can feel not being unique. Due to its huge popularity, people might recognize that you are wearing Armani Code. Do not spray too much on your neck, because it can get a little cloying. It is very sexy and elegant, so it is only appropriate for nightwear. To some people it is too heavy and “perfumy”.



Season & time of the day

Armani Code is best used in cold weather. It is appropriate for winter and fall and for night use. It is too heavy for summer, spring and day.


Armani Code is suitable for special occasions, formal wear, dinner dates and going out at night. It is not recommended to wear Code in everyday occasions. It is good for fashion conscious men. It is great for occasions when you need a confidence boost. It is great for more elegant dates and parties. It is a great fragrance for a night out, clubs, restaurants. It is also perfect for wearing with a shirt and tie, suit or tuxedo. Armani Code is a perfect scent for hanging out at a lounge bar.

Dance club


Armani Code is not recommended for the young and teenagers. It is appropriate for 20+ year olds.




Armani Code is a relatively unique scent. It is easily recognized, as it is different from other fragrances on the market.

It is sometimes compared to 1 Million by Paco Rabbane. These two fragrances have completely different scents, but are compared because of their popularity. If we compare these two fragrances, 1 Million has longer longevity and stronger sillage and Armani Code is classier while 1 Million is more of a club scent.



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Armani Code for men, Giorgio Armani, 6.4 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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