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Chance Eau Tendre, Chanel



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Chance Eau Tendre is a fragrance for women from Chanel. It is a Floral Fruity Sweet scent. Top notes: Quince and Grapefruit. Heart notes: Hyacinth and Jasmine. Base notes: Cedar, Amber, Iris and Musk.


Full Review

Chance Eau Tendre is a fragrance for women from the French fashion house Chanel. It is a Floral Fruity Sweet scent. Top notes are: Quince and Grapefruit. Heart notes are: Hyacinth and Jasmine.  Base notes are: Cedar, Amber, Iris and Musk.

Chance Eau Tendre was created by Jacques Polge in 2010.



Chance Eau Tendre from Chanel is a refreshing, soft, feminine, young, girly, playful fragrance. It is a sophisticated, light, innocent, warm, slightly sweet, pink scent. Chance Eau Tendre is a delicate gentle, childish, but in an upscale style. It is light and inoffensive. Smells like a glass of sweet champagne. Or like sun rays when they shine through the trees on a summer day and you are looking at all the flowers that are blooming and the fruit that is ripening. Chance Eau Tendre is a soft, light, clean, bright, pink, happy, carefree, but still classy. The opening is juicy, fruity, and citrusy and it develops into a floral creamy and warm scent. It basically smells like a pink cloud. Chance Eau Tendre is so girly and pretty. To sum it up, it is a light, slightly sweet, airy, floral, fruity scent.


Olfactory pyramid

Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel is a Floral Fruity Citrus Sweet Woody fragrance.

The top is fruity and citrusy and slightly tart, fresh, sweet, tangy, bitter and elegant. Top notes are: Grapefruit and Quince.

The heart is completely floral and slightly intoxicating, green, oily, narcotic, sweet and animalic. The heart notes are: Hyacinth and Jasmine.

The base is woody, musky, powdery and sweet. Base notes are: Cedar, Musk, Iris and Amber.




This is a Floral Fruity fragrance. Floral Fruity is a very popular fragrance group today, but it is not typical for a Chanel to be a Floral Fruity. Chance Eau Tendre is not your typical Chanel. It doesn’t smell Chanel. Chance Eau Tendre can be considered a contemporary Chanel that is marketed toward the younger demographic. Chance Eau Tendre is definitely the “younger sister” in the Chance family. It is delicate, soft, clean, fresh, girly and innocent. Chance Eau Tendre is stuck somewhere between a girly floral fruity and a “Chanel”. If you love floral fruity fragrances than this can be a sophisticated version of your favorite fragrances. However, if you love the old school Chanel fragrances, is you are a sophisticated lady, than you probably are not going to like Chance Eau Tendre. If you do not like the typical Chanel perfumes, but would like a Chanel for yourself, try this one, you will probably love it. Chance Eau Tendre was made for the younger market and to make the brand more contemporary and modern.

Longevity & Sillage

Longevity tends to wary. It is generally moderate, but can go from poor to long lasting. On most girls it last between 3 and 6 hours. You need to be aware that your nose gets desensitizes to the fragrance. So while you cannot detect it, others still can.


Very lovely, easy to like, light, inoffensive. It is a crowd pleaser. Nobody will be bothered by Chance Eau Tendre. It is a compliment getter. It is not brash or vulgar. You will smell lovely and pretty without being overpowering or annoying.


Every fragrance has its down sides. Chance Eau Tendre is not your typical Chanel so don’t expect that. This scent does not have anything in common with Chance or Chance Eau Fraiche. Some girls may find it a bit too sweet. This is a popular fragrance and Floral Fruity is a very popular fragrance group so it is not very unique. Not the most original perfume. Some might find it a bit common.




Ideal time to wear Chance Eau Tendre is spring and summer.

Time of the day

It has a very soft scent so it is best to use it as a day fragrance.


Chance Eau Tendre is best used for casual everyday occasions. It is inoffensive and chic, so it is perfect for the office, school, classes, shopping. It can also be used on dates because men love it.


Of course, anyone can wear this fragrance, but is perfect for girls in their teens up to women in their 30s.


Chance Eau Tendre ad


The scent of Chance Eau Tendre can be compared to several fragrances. Here we will compare Chance Eau Tendre to Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs and Miracle by Lancôme.

Chance Eau Tendre is a fresher, sweeter, fruitier, less powdery, ozonic and aquatic version of Daisy by Marc Jacobs. In addition, it lasts longer. Chance Eau Tendre is smoother and creamier than Daisy. The opening smells the same, but after that, they develop in different directions.

Compared to Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs, Chance Eau Tendre is less sweet and these two scents are actually not that similar, it just seems that way to some people.

Some also find similarities between Chance Eau Tendre and Miracle by Lancôme. You will have to judge that yourself.

The scent of Chance Eau Tendre cannot be compared to Chanel Chance or Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche because they have nothing in common.


The Chance Eau Tendre range includes EdT spray, EdT twist and spray, sheer moisture mist, body moisture and foaming shower gel.



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