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Bright Crystal is a fragrance for women from Versace. It is a Floral Citrus Fresh scent. It is based on: Yuzu, Pomegranate, Peony, Magnolia, Lotus and Mahogany.


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Bright Crystal is a fragrance for women from the Italian fashion house Versace. It is a Floral Citrus Fresh scent. Top notes are: Yuzu and Pomegranate. Heart notes are: Peony, Magnolia and Lotus. Base notes are: Mahogany, Musk and Amber.

Bright Crystal was designed by Alberto Morillas in 2006.

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A very light bright fresh crispy floral scent. Very tender, soft, feminine, youthful and elegant fragrance. A “pink” scent. Bright Crystal smells luminous fresh light delicate and sparkly. It is youthful, vibrant and refreshing. It is also delicate, innocent and cute.

When you spray it, you get a fresh light clean bitter citrusy fruity tart aquatic scent. This part is refreshing sheer and slightly sour. However, after a while you get a floral fresh slightly sweet scent.

Bright Crystal is like a beautiful breezy summer day. It smells like dewy pure sheer delicate floral buds glowing in the summer sun and the warm breeze that spreads their scent. These are the buds of the most precious and luscious flowers. Bright Crystal is luminous and modern.

Olfactory pyramid

Bright Crystal is a Floral Citrus Woody Fresh Aquatic fragrance.

The top is citrusy bitter fresh fruity aquatic and slightly sweet. Top notes are: Yuzu, Pomegranate and Water.

The heart is very floral fresh light aquatic and slightly sweet and waxy. Heart notes are: Peony, Magnolia and Lotus.

The base is woody musky and sweet. Base notes are: Mahogany, Musk and Amber.



Bright Crystal is a fresh modern floral fragrance. This is not an old lady floral perfume. It is a youthful vital fragrance but also sophisticated, feminine and elegant. It is sexy but in a sophisticated way. It is a clean inoffensive fresh scent.

Most women say that the longevity is moderate and that it last about 6h. This does wary as on some it can last shorter while on others it lasts all day.

If you have problems with longevity, you need to layer it. First, apply the Bright Crystal body lotion and then on top of that the Eau de Toilette. It will last longer.

Sillage is moderate to weak. Therefore, it is very safe for the office. If you put a lot of Bright Crystal on you, it becomes very sexy.

Bright Crystal is a very popular fragrance and most women like it, but some may not like it for several reasons. Some do not like the opening saying that it is too sharp, tangy, sour or alcoholic. Some do not like the heart notes because it is floral. On some women, it might smell a bit sour and bitter, so you should try it before you buy it. Still, this is a relatively safe fragrance.

The bottle is a piece of art. It is luxurious. The stopper is a sparkling crystal.

Bright Crystal


Perfect for summer and spring. Especially for day use. It is very light. Bright Crystal is probably targeted toward teens and 20 something’s but it can be worn by women of all age. It is a completely safe fragrance for ages 15-50. It is great for everyday use, for work. It can be used for special occasion when you do not want to smell overpowering or overwhelming or for those events in the summer heat. It is not offensive. It is simple, modern, casual, laid back, feminine and happy.




Bright Crystal is the younger sister of Crystal Noir. Nonetheless, scent wise Crystal Noir cannot be compared to Bright Crystal because it if a completely different kind of scent.

Bright Crystal can be compared to: Addict 2 by Dior, Envy Me by Gucci and Brit Sheer by Burberry.

Addict 2 by Dior is very similar to Bright Crystal. It is more citrusy, slightly more aquatic and lighter. Bright crystal is slightly sweeter than Addict 2.

Envy Me by Gucci falls in the same family as Bright Crystal. Envy Me is fruitier, fresher, but less floral and less citrusy than Bright Crystal and a bit tropical and peppery.

Brit Sheer by Burberry also falls in the family as Bright Crystal. Brit Sheer is more fruity, sweet and tropical, but a lot less floral and woody than Bright Crystal.

Versace Bright Crystal


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